Advaita Mansion - Price Sheet

    Advaita Mansion Price details

    Unit TypeTower NameAreaPrice
    2 BHKAdvaita Mansion797 sq.ft.₹27,00,000
    3 BHKAdvaita Mansion1,012 sq.ft.₹27,00,000

    Advaita Mansion: A Perfect Blend of Space and Affordability

    Finding the perfect home is a dream for many individuals and families. It involves a careful consideration of various factors such as location, size, amenities, and most importantly, price. In this regard, Advaita Mansion emerges as a remarkable option for those seeking a spacious and affordable living space.

    Situated on a land area of 0.22 acres, Advaita Mansion offers a range of dimensions to cater to different needs. With options of 797 square feet and 1012 square feet, this residential complex ensures that there is something for everyone. Whether you are a small family looking for a cozy abode or a couple in search of a spacious apartment, Advaita Mansion has got you covered.

    One of the most enticing aspects of Advaita Mansion is its competitive pricing. With a price tag of 2,700,000, this residential complex provides excellent value for money. In today's real estate market, finding a property that offers both space and affordability can be quite challenging. However, Advaita Mansion breaks the mold by striking the perfect balance between the two.

    The spacious dimensions of Advaita Mansion allow residents to enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling living experience. The apartments are thoughtfully designed to maximize space utilization, ensuring that every corner serves a purpose. Whether it's the living room, bedrooms, or kitchen, each area is meticulously planned to provide ample space for residents to move around freely and create their own haven.

    Moreover, the land area of 0.22 acres ensures that Advaita Mansion is not overcrowded, allowing for a peaceful and serene environment. The complex offers a range of amenities to enhance the quality of life for its residents. From a well-equipped gymnasium to a swimming pool and landscaped gardens, Advaita Mansion provides a holistic living experience.

    In addition to the attractive dimensions and amenities, the pricing of Advaita Mansion makes it an irresistible option for those looking to invest in their dream home. With a price of 2,700,000, this residential complex offers an affordable alternative without compromising on quality or space. The developers have carefully considered the needs of potential buyers and have set a price that is reasonable and competitive in the market.

    Advaita Mansion is not just a residential complex; it is a symbol of comfort, affordability, and modern living. Its spacious dimensions, coupled with the attractive pricing, make it a standout option in the real estate market. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, Advaita Mansion presents an opportunity to own a dream home without breaking the bank.

    In conclusion, Advaita Mansion is a testament to the fact that space and affordability can go hand in hand. With its range of dimensions, competitive pricing, and attractive amenities, this residential complex offers an exceptional living experience. So, if you are in search of a spacious and affordable home, look no further than Advaita Mansion.


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