Affinity Sowparnika - Price Sheet

    Affinity Sowparnika Price details

    Unit TypeTower NameAreaPrice
    2 BHKAffinity Sowparnika1,060 sq.ft.₹63,00,000
    2 BHKAffinity Sowparnika1,250 sq.ft.₹63,00,000
    3 BHKAffinity Sowparnika1,380 sq.ft.₹63,00,000
    3 BHKAffinity Sowparnika1,550 sq.ft.₹63,00,000

    Affinity-Sowparnika: Affordable Homes with Spacious Dimensions

    - Affinity-Sowparnika offers a range of spacious dimensions for homebuyers to choose from. The available options include 1060 sft, 1250 sft, 1380 sft, and 1550 sft.

    - The housing project is spread across a land area of 0.34 Acres, providing ample space for residents to enjoy.

    - With a price of 6300000 for each unit, Affinity-Sowparnika offers affordable homes for individuals and families looking to invest in a property.

    - The consistent price across all dimensions ensures that buyers can select the size that suits their requirements without worrying about any additional costs.

    - Affinity-Sowparnika aims to provide quality housing options at an accessible price point, making it an attractive choice for those in search of their dream home.

    - The project's affordability, combined with its spacious dimensions, makes it an ideal investment opportunity for both first-time buyers and experienced investors.

    - Affinity-Sowparnika's commitment to offering affordable homes without compromising on quality sets it apart from other housing projects in the market.

    - Homebuyers can expect a comfortable and modern living experience in Affinity-Sowparnika, thanks to its well-designed layouts and thoughtful amenities.

    - The project's location and accessibility further enhance its value, ensuring residents have easy access to essential services, schools, and transportation options.

    - With its competitive pricing and desirable dimensions, Affinity-Sowparnika presents a compelling option for those looking to buy a home in a thriving community.


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