Ds max Synergy - Price Sheet

Article Title: Affordable Homes at ds-max-synergy: Unbeatable Prices for Spacious Living


ds-max-synergy offers a range of affordable homes with spacious dimensions and a sprawling land area. With prices starting at just 2,900,000 INR, these homes provide excellent value for money. Let's take a closer look at the different dimensions and corresponding prices available at ds-max-synergy.

1. 879 sq ft Homes:

- These cozy homes are perfect for individuals or small families.

- Priced at 2,900,000 INR, they offer an excellent entry point into homeownership.

2. 1,128 sq ft Homes:

- With slightly more space, these homes are ideal for growing families.

- Priced at 2,900,000 INR, they provide ample room for comfortable living.

3. 1,252 sq ft Homes:

- These homes offer a generous living area, suitable for larger families.

- Priced at 2,900,000 INR, they provide great value for money.

4. 1,494 sq ft Homes:

- The largest homes available at ds-max-synergy, perfect for those who desire extra space.

- Priced at 2,900,000 INR, these homes are a steal considering their size and quality.

Land Area:

- ds-max-synergy is spread across a vast land area of 3 acres, providing a serene and spacious environment for residents.

- The ample land area ensures privacy and a peaceful living experience.


- The most attractive aspect of ds-max-synergy is its unbeatable prices.

- Regardless of the dimensions, all homes are priced at just 2,900,000 INR, making them highly affordable in today's real estate market.


ds-max-synergy offers affordable homes with dimensions ranging from 879 sq ft to 1,494 sq ft, all priced at an unbeatable 2,900,000 INR. With a generous land area of 3 acres, residents can enjoy a peaceful and spacious living environment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a quality home at an affordable price. Visit ds-max-synergy today and make your dream of homeownership a reality.

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