Elements of Nature - Price Sheet

Article Price:

- The property, elements-of-nature, is spread across a vast land area of 16 acres.

- It offers spacious living spaces with dimensions ranging from 1385 square feet to 1565 square feet.

- The price of this beautiful property is set at $3,400,000.

- With such a large land area, residents can enjoy ample outdoor space and a sense of tranquility.

- The spacious living spaces provide enough room for families to comfortably live and grow.

- The price of $3,400,000 reflects the value and potential of this property.

- The property offers a unique opportunity to live close to nature while still being within reach of modern amenities.

- The large land area allows for various outdoor activities such as gardening, sports, or simply enjoying the natural surroundings.

- The dimensions of the living spaces ensure that residents have enough room for their daily activities and personal belongings.

- The price of $3,400,000 is a worthwhile investment considering the size of the property and its potential for future growth.

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