Godrej Boulevard - Price Sheet

    Godrej Boulevard Price details

    Unit TypeTower NameAreaPrice
    2 BHKna-1 sq.ft.On Request

    - The Godrej Boulevard is a residential project that offers spacious apartments with various dimensions.

    - The dimensions of the apartments range from -1 sft to sft sft sft sft sft sft sft sft.

    - The project is spread across a land area of On Request, providing ample space for residents.

    - The price of the apartments is also On Request, which means it can be obtained by contacting the developer or visiting the project site.

    - The On Request price indicates that the cost may vary based on factors such as the specific apartment size, location within the project, and any additional amenities or features included.

    - Interested buyers can inquire about the price and other details of the Godrej Boulevard project to make an informed decision.


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