Gokul Nandanam Block C - Price Sheet

    Gokul Nandanam Block C Price details

    Unit TypeTower NameAreaPrice
    2 BHKGokul Nandanam Block C1,331 sq.ft.₹48,00,000
    3 BHKGokul Nandanam Block C1,531 sq.ft.₹48,00,000

    The Gokul Nandanam Block C, located in a prime area, offers spacious and luxurious apartments with dimensions ranging from 1331 square feet to 1531 square feet. This residential complex is spread across a vast land area of 1 acre, providing ample space and greenery for its residents.

    One of the key factors that potential buyers consider when investing in a property is the price. In the case of Gokul Nandanam Block C, the price for these apartments is set at 4,800,000 rupees. This price reflects the quality and features offered by this residential complex.

    The price of 4,800,000 rupees is justified by the various amenities and facilities available to the residents. The apartments are designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience, with spacious living areas, well-appointed bedrooms, and modern kitchens. The complex also offers a range of recreational facilities, such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, and landscaped gardens, for the residents to enjoy.

    Additionally, the location of Gokul Nandanam Block C adds value to the price. Situated in a sought-after area, the complex offers easy access to various amenities, including schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and entertainment options. The well-developed infrastructure and connectivity to major roads and transportation hubs make it an ideal choice for those looking for a convenient and comfortable living experience.

    Furthermore, the price of 4,800,000 rupees takes into account the future prospects of the property. With its prime location and well-designed apartments, Gokul Nandanam Block C has the potential for appreciation in value over time. This makes it not just a comfortable living space but also a smart investment option.

    It is important to note that the price of 4,800,000 rupees is subject to change based on market conditions and demand. However, given the features, amenities, and location of Gokul Nandanam Block C, it is a fair and competitive price in the current real estate market.

    In conclusion, the price of 4,800,000 rupees for the apartments in Gokul Nandanam Block C is justified by the spacious and luxurious living spaces, the range of amenities and facilities available, the prime location, and the potential for future appreciation. It offers potential buyers a great opportunity to invest in a comfortable and convenient living experience while also securing a valuable asset.


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