Grand Gandharva - Price Sheet

Grand Gandharva: A Luxurious Residential Project with Affordable Pricing

Grand Gandharva, a magnificent residential project, offers a perfect blend of luxury and affordability. Spread across a vast land area of 3 acres, this project boasts spacious apartments with dimensions ranging from 1135 square feet to 1693 square feet. With a price tag of just 4,000,000 rupees for each unit, Grand Gandharva provides an excellent opportunity for homebuyers to invest in their dream home without breaking the bank.

One of the standout features of Grand Gandharva is its thoughtfully designed apartments. The project offers a variety of unit sizes to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of potential buyers. Whether you are a small family looking for a cozy space or a larger family in need of more room, Grand Gandharva has a perfect home for you. The spaciousness of the apartments ensures that residents can enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

In addition to the well-designed apartments, Grand Gandharva offers a range of amenities that further enhance the living experience. The project includes a clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, landscaped gardens, and children's play area, among other facilities. These amenities provide residents with ample opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and socializing within the comfort of their own community.

What truly sets Grand Gandharva apart from other residential projects is its affordable pricing. With a price of just 4,000,000 rupees for each unit, the project offers exceptional value for money. The developers have ensured that buyers can enjoy the benefits of a luxurious lifestyle without straining their finances. This attractive pricing strategy has made Grand Gandharva a highly sought-after project in the real estate market.

Furthermore, the project's location adds to its appeal. Grand Gandharva is situated in a prime area, offering excellent connectivity to major landmarks and essential facilities. Residents will have easy access to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and entertainment hubs, ensuring a convenient and fulfilling lifestyle.

Investing in Grand Gandharva is not only a wise financial decision but also a step towards a better quality of life. The project's affordable pricing, coupled with its luxurious amenities and prime location, makes it an ideal choice for homebuyers looking for a perfect balance between cost and comfort.

In conclusion, Grand Gandharva stands out as a luxurious residential project that offers affordable pricing. With spacious apartments, a range of amenities, and a prime location, this project provides an excellent opportunity for homebuyers to invest in their dream home without compromising on quality. Grand Gandharva truly exemplifies the idea that luxury living can be affordable for everyone.

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