Ishtika Agastya - Price Sheet

The Ishtika-Agastya project is a residential property that offers spacious living spaces. With dimensions ranging from 1049 square feet to 1189 square feet, this development provides ample room for families to comfortably settle in.

Situated on a land area of 0.75 acres, the Ishtika-Agastya offers a serene and peaceful environment for its residents. The project is designed to provide a perfect blend of modern amenities and natural surroundings, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

One of the key factors that potential buyers consider when looking for a property is the price. The Ishtika-Agastya project is priced at 5,100,000 rupees, which is a reasonable and competitive rate for the features and facilities it offers.

The price of a property is determined by various factors such as location, amenities, size, and demand in the market. In the case of the Ishtika-Agastya project, the developers have taken all these factors into consideration to offer a fair and attractive price to potential buyers.

The spacious living spaces, coupled with the tranquil environment and modern amenities, make the Ishtika-Agastya project a great investment opportunity. The price of 5,100,000 rupees is a worthwhile investment for those looking to own a property that offers both comfort and convenience.

Moreover, the Ishtika-Agastya project is located in a prime area, which adds value to the property. The demand for residential properties in this location is high, making it a promising investment for buyers.

In conclusion, the Ishtika-Agastya project offers spacious living spaces spread across a land area of 0.75 acres. Priced at 5,100,000 rupees, this residential property provides a perfect blend of modern amenities and natural surroundings. With its prime location and attractive price, the Ishtika-Agastya project is a great investment opportunity for potential buyers.

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