Karni Tamara - Price Sheet

Price Variations for Different Sizes of Karni-Tamara Properties

Karni-Tamara, a prestigious real estate project, offers a range of residential properties with different sizes and dimensions. These properties are spread across a vast land area of 1.14 acres, providing residents with ample space and a serene environment. The prices for these properties vary depending on their size and dimensions, with options available in 1300, 1800, and 2800 square feet.

The Karni-Tamara project aims to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of potential buyers. By offering properties in different sizes, the project developers ensure that there is something for everyone. Whether you are a small family looking for a cozy home or a larger family in need of more space, Karni-Tamara has options to suit your requirements.

The smallest property available in Karni-Tamara is 1300 square feet in size. This compact yet comfortable space is perfect for individuals or small families who prefer a more intimate living environment. Priced at 6,200,000, this property offers affordability without compromising on quality or amenities.

For those who require a bit more space, Karni-Tamara also offers properties with dimensions of 1800 square feet. This size is ideal for medium-sized families who desire a bit more room to accommodate their needs. The price for these properties is consistent with that of the 1300 square feet option, at 6,200,000.

If you have a larger family or simply prefer a more spacious living area, Karni-Tamara has you covered with their 2800 square feet properties. These expansive homes provide ample space for families to grow and thrive. Priced at 6,200,000, these properties offer excellent value for money considering the size and quality they offer.

It is important to note that the prices for all three sizes of Karni-Tamara properties remain the same, regardless of the size or dimensions. This pricing strategy allows buyers to choose the property that best suits their needs without worrying about any additional costs associated with larger or smaller spaces.

In conclusion, Karni-Tamara offers a diverse range of residential properties with different sizes and dimensions to cater to the needs of potential buyers. Whether you are looking for a compact space, a medium-sized home, or a spacious property, Karni-Tamara has options available for you. The consistent pricing of 6,200,000 for all sizes ensures that buyers can make their decision based solely on their preferences and requirements. With Karni-Tamara, you can find your dream home without compromising on quality or affordability.

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